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My Consumer Club is a separate membership that we provide to our members. 

They provide their members discount medical cards and coming soon a smart phone app that you will download and when you go to a doctor, dentist, pharmacy or eye doctor the card / app will show that they are a member and eligible for the discounts available to members. 

Now I know a lot of people have insurance through work but this card will soon offer more than just medical discounts the application will enable you to access restraunt coupons and discounts. Plus even though companies give employees health insurance a majority of the time there are no dental benefits included in their benefits package so this is an extra benefit for most companies. If that is the case where you work then having our card is still a great opportunity and it is totally free for members of AHP. Just wait another month or so and When the app comes out we will send you a text message and email so you will have all the other discounts and perks that we add into the program. 

If you have a business that needs more clients and you can afford to offer discounts to our members when the site is completed and we are live with more than just a medical discount card there will be no better opportunity than this program to develop your client base.