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Discount Professional Liability Insurance

Providing additional value for our providers is an ongoing effort we take sriously.

Our vigilance in looking for new ways to provide providers with additional value and savings has paid off.

We are told one of the things that healthcare providers hate paying for is malpractice insurance and that is why we have taken the time to see to it our providers have access to special savings when it comes to purchasing this kind of coverage. 

To get your discounted quote, simply copy and paste the questions below and then click here to use the form and paste the questions into the contact us forms text box and fill the answers in for each question.

We will forward these to our preferred vendor that has agreed to offer our members special pricing for malpractice insurance. We are told that they beat everyones rates considerably (15% to 25%) but every states rates are different. They also reward providers who go a whole year without any claims by giving them additional discounts each year they maintain that status. They offer 5% per year of remaining clainms free up to a maximum of 5 years. this reduction in rates helps our providers save even more money. By using this program it should be possible to cut your cost almost in half when compared to what your current insurance company charges you. 

For certain providers who qualify there is even a way we are developing to reward certain professionals with a way to totally eliminate the expense of maintaining this insurance. This benefit will depend on the state in which you reside since not all states are reasonable in what they charge for malpractice insurance and these costs can vary wildy from one state to another. 

When we get your rate quote request we will expect to be able to get you a rate quote back to you within 24 hours at most.

BONUS: When you switch your professional coverage over to our provider we will set you up with a free gift that should be extremely valuable to you in your practice.