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Strategic Alliances

As you explore our website you will see that we do promote health and wellness products. 

Most of these we develop ourselves and we are planning on developing many more. 

Some we will promote because we feel strongly about those products being something that would benefit our members and or because we like them so much that we use the product ourselves. 

What does it say when a manufacturer of health and wellness products endorses the products of another company?

To me that says your not all about the money and you care more about the health and wellness of your fellow man than just being the winner of a competition to dominate a market.

Of course we still make money from promoting and retailing other companies products but not as much as we would if we developed our own version of their product.

We certainly want to encourage our providers to also sell these products in addition to the ones that we develop.

However, we should all be honest enough to admit when we need to look at what other companies do and if we cannot beat them we need to work together with them to put that product out to our friends and family, because at the end of the day our real reason for being in this industry is not the money it is because we are passionate about being of service to others and helping everyone become healthier. 

That being said do not be shocked if we endorse another companies products to make them available to our members.